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Media and Public Engagement


Dr. Hoicka's YouTube presentation for the International Sustainability Transitions Conference 2022: The global emergence of renewable energy across different geographies Part 2. "Many actors amongst multiple renewables: A systematic review of actor involvement in complementarity of renewable energy sources".


Dr. Hoicka's YouTube presentation for the International Sustainability Transitions Conference 2022: The global emergence of renewable energy across different geographies Part 1. "Applying Regional Approaches to the Analysis of Emergence of Renewable Energy (Industrial) Clusters".


Dr. Hoicka's YouTube presentation for the International Sustainability Transitions Conference 2022: The global emergence of renewable energy across different geographies Part 1. "Reconciliation through renewable energy? A survey of Indigenous communities, involvement and people in Canada".

Dr. Hoicka and the lab featured in The Times Colonist: "Rural communities key to clean energy future".

Dr. Hoicka's presentation for The City Talks speakers' series: "Why Renewable Energy in the City is a Regional Issue".


Dr. Hoicka and the lab research team featured in the UVic News: "Clean energy future"


Dr. Hoicka testified at the Parliament of Canada House of Commons: Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development (ENVI) meeting on Fossil Fuel Subsidies”

Dr. Hoicka interviewed for CBC Radio: "California's new car mandate"

Dr. Hoicka interviewed for CBC Radio: “CBC News: The World at Six for April 8, 2022”(segment beginning at 12:43)

Dr. Hoicka interviewed for The Energy Mix: “Climate Hawks Fracture on CCS Subsidy, McKenna Questions Tax Credit as Federal Budget Looms”

Dr. Hoicka’s article published in Science for Environment Policy: “Facilitating development of renewable energy communities: recommendations for developing legal frameworks”

Dr. Hoicka interviewed for Smart Prosperity Institute Podcast: “Carbon capture: why climate experts are divided over it”

Dr. Hoicka’s opinion piece written for C40 Knowledge Hub: “City renewable energy is a regional issue-here’s why”

Dr. Hoicka interviewed for Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Bulletin article: “Why 400+ academics wrote to the Finance Minister”

Dr. Hoicka interviewed for CBC Radio’s ‘On the Coast’: “Carbon capture tax credit”

Dr. Hoicka quoted in CTV News article: “Hundreds of academics asked Freeland to scrap carbon capture tax credit”

Dr. Hoicka quoted in Canada’s National Observer: “Are Canada’s carbon capture plans a ‘pipe dream’?”

Dr. Hoicka quoted for The Global and Mail: “Climate scientists urge Ottawa to cancel proposed carbon-capture tax credit”


Dr. Hoicka’s opinion piece written for The Tyee: “Lessons from COP26 for a Just and Effective Transition”

Dr. Hoicka quoted in The Conversation: “COP26: experts react to the UN climate summit and Glasgow pact”

Dr. Hoicka interviewed for CBC Radio’s ‘On the Island’: “On the ground at COP26 – we’ll speak with a UVic researcher about what it’s like to be a delegate in Glasgow”

Dr. Hoicka’s opinion piece written for Corporate Knights: “Dispatches from COP26: If Canada wants to meet its emissions targets, it needs to support clusters of innovations”

Dr. Hoicka’s opinion piece written for Corporate Knights: “Canada is stuck in a state of carbon lock-in – here’s how we can reverse that”

Dr. Hoicka’s research featured in the York University Magazine: “Energy Disruption A new study looks at the people power fuelling low-carbon innovation in the marketplace”

Dr. Hoicka interviewed for Social Science and Humanities Research Council of CanadaDisrupting the energy system. How clusters of innovations can accelerate the low-carbon energy transition

Dr. Hoicka interviewed for Geeking out on innovation diffusion theory for Energi Media podcast

Dr. Christina Hoicka interviewed for EnergiMedia on the role of renewable energy for economic development in Indigenous communities

Dr. Hoicka interviewed for CBC Story Rooftop solar power is on the rise, but Canada has yet to embrace its sunny ways

Dr. Hoicka speaks for the 60-Second Report: “Reconciliation and self-determination through renewable energy?” Smart Prosperity: The Podcast

Alicia Campney, MES/JD 2019, lab alumni, Blog Post: How the Supreme Court’s carbon price review intersects with Indigenous rights and reconciliation for Canadian Institute for Climate Choices

Maria-Louise McMaster, Christina E. Hoicka, Yuxu Zhao, Runa R. Das, Guest Blog: Accelerating a 1.5°C Energy Transition: Diffusion of Low-Carbon Innovations to Energy Users for the Smart Prosperity Institute. Smart Prosperity Institute.

Katarina Savic interview – “Energy transition key to “economic reconciliation” for Canadian indigenous communities”. EnergiMedia.

Katarina Savic and Christina E Hoicka, Post-COVID-19 Indigenous Economic Recovery – Reconciliation in the Energy Transition. Smart Prosperity Institute.


Co-author of open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, signed by 50 scholars, quoted in the National Observer, May 7.

Matthew Hoffmann , Christina Hoicka, Alison Kemper, Cheryl Teelucksingh Opinion. “COVID-19 recovery is chance to build greener, more inclusive society: Rebuilding efforts should aim to head off future climate crises” First Policy Response, June 1,

Guest speaker Julie MacArthur to explore energy democracy and its role in innovation. YFile, York University News.

York researchers investigate challenge of how to achieve 100 per cent renewable energy in urban cities. YFile, York University News.

By and for local people: Grad student looks at energy through justice lens. YFile, York University News.

Alicia Campney Spotlight in A SHARED Future Newsletter.

Susan Wyse Spotlight by the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change.


Researcher Spotlight: Dr. Christina Hoicka, Dr. Runa Das, Maria Louise McMaster, Yuxu Zhao. Smart Prosperity Institute.

John Lau is one of Corporate Knight’s Top 30 under 30. Corporate Knight’s.


York research cluster receives international recognition for working to advance sustainable development goals. YFile, York University News.

Hoicka, C. E. Invited scientist/academic panelist for Canadian Launch of the Green New Deal campaign. The Leap Organization, Eco Watch, May 6, Toronto, Canada.

The next Scholars Hub lecture explores how to successfully transition to a low-carbon economy. YFile, York University News.

Hoicka, C. E. Interviewed for ENERGY TRANSITIONS Renewables to grow 50%, but coal to dominate -report, Carlos Anchondo, E&E News reporter, Energy wire, Tuesday, October 22.

Hoicka, C. E. interviewed for and cited in Pittis, D. “Nuclear fusion, a disruptive power source for crowded cities: Private sector push and new tech means nuclear fusion is closer than ever” CBC News. January 21.

Unique lab at York University focuses on the power of community in transitioning to low-carbon energy. YFile News, York University.


Hoicka, C. E. interviewed for and cited in Wilt, J. “Bitcoin miners are eating up Canada’s electricity” The Narwhal, June 28.


Hoicka, C. E interviewed for and cited in Phillips, K. “Where are the women in Canadian green tech?”. Women’s Post. May 19.

Hoicka, C. E. interviewed for and cited in Vasil, A. “Earth Day prophecy: women rising up in fight against climate chaos” NOW Magazine. April 19.

Public Talks and Public Lectures


Hoicka C. E., Keynote speaker. “Green New Deal in Canada”. President’s Lecture Series, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Innovative Learning at Humber College, Canada. November 6.

Hoicka, C. E., “Is a 100% Renewable Energy Future Possible? Advances for Community Participation in a Low-Carbon Energy Transition” The York Circle, York University, Canada, September 28.


Hoicka, C. E., “Science, a Human Right”. International Science Center and Science Museum Day. Ontario Science Centre, Canada, November 10.

Hoicka C. E., Innovation, communities and participation in a low-carbon energy transition, Low-Carbon Energy Seminar, The Energy Centre, The University of Auckland Business School, University of Auckland, New Zealand, July 19.



Hoicka, C. E., “Community energy planning, teaching, research and linking theory to practice”. Seminar Series, Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability, The University of Oklahoma, USA, October 31.

Hoicka, C. E., “Communities and Energy Management”. Energizing Discussion and Change for a Sustainable Future, Science Café, hosted by Brock University Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, St Catharines, Canada, March 29.

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