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Chris Holmes

Currently entering my third year as a Geography student at the University of Victoria, I serve as a Research Assistant at Dr. Christina Hoicka's Re-imagining Social Energy Transitions (ReSET) Collaboratory. My interests lie in the intersection of renewable energy technology, low-carbon transitions, and their potential to empower communities and promote equitable access to clean energy. This interest was sparked during my participation in the Institute for Global Solutions program at Claremont Secondary School, where I explored the interdisciplinary nature of energy and its social implications. Currently, I contribute to the lab's research by assisting Nic Jekill in the CANSTOREnergy project. This is a national research project focused on achieving equitable, long-term storage and utilization of renewable energy systems by applying an interdisciplinary lens to guide the discovery and development of carbon conversion technology. I plan to pursue an honours research project in my fourth year, further exploring the development of just and sustainable renewable energy solutions.

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