About Me

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Dr. Christina E. Hoicka

​I am the current Canada Research Chair in Urban Planning for Climate Change. Starting July 1, 2021, I am an Associate Professor in Geography and Civil Engineering at the University of Victoria. Prior, I was an Associate Professor at York University where I was also the PowerStream Chair in Sustainable Energy Economics between 2013-2017.


I hold university degrees in three different disciplines: I have a Bachelor of Engineering (McGill University), a Masters in Environmental Studies (York University), and a PhD in Geography (University of Waterloo). I have conducted research on the voluntary adoption and outcomes of energy efficiency programs for buildings (commercial and residential); rescaling and decentralization in renewable energy transitions; grid integration of renewable energy; democratic and just forms of renewable energy governance and ownership.


I am currently studying the diffusion of disruptive clusters of renewable and low-carbon innovations, their implementation in communities, and their impact on energy system change, as well as the implementation of complementarity of renewable energy.

I have recently published on reconciliation, self-determination and renewable energy and about the diffusion of disruptive low-carbon innovations. I am a member of the Core Team of the Geography of Sustainability Transitions Thematic Group for the Sustainability Transitions Research Network. I am also co-founder and former Chair of Women and Inclusivity in Sustainable Energy Research (WISER) Network. To learn more about my current research projects, please visit the lab Research page.

Prior to my PhD, I worked in public policy in government, government agencies, a regulated utility, and advocacy (details here). I have worked with stakeholders and advised on policy related to climate change mitigation, carbon markets, transportation demand management, electricity and the use of coal and renewables, energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the renewable energy standard offer program (RESOP).

I have provided advice and commented on policy to Global Affairs Canada, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Natural Resources Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, the City of Toronto, the Ontario Ministry of Energy, the Ontario Ministry of Environment and climate change. I have sat on the board of Relay Education.