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Current Lab Members


Masters Student

My interests lie in mapping relationships between energy, environment, and society to understand how the renewable energy transition is impacting ecosystems and communities. 


Masters Student

The goal of my research is to understand based on the given the range of communities that the projects might be embedded into, what are the range of models that communities could be engaged with?


Masters Student

My interests lie in the energy transition and its impact on different communities and individuals.


Postdoctoral Researcher

Currently, my research focuses on studying the socioecological and economic implications of, and proposing policy recommendations to, scaling-up a technology to produce hydrogen from biowastes as a renewable energy option.

Past Lab Members


MES 2020 | York University

Jessica Conroy

How transitioning to low-carbon and renewable energy systems will impact the landscape.


MES 2020 | York University

Yuxu Zhao

Identify the relationship between pro-environmental behaviors and system innovations in energy transitions.


MES 2020 | York University

Maria-Louise McMaster

Research area of concentration is in low-carbon energy systems.


JD/MES 2019 | York University

Alicia Campney

I am pursuing a career practicing Environmental Law and am interested in its intersection with Indigenous Law, especially in the context of Environmental Justice.


JD/MES Candidate 2018 | York University

Julianna Felendzer

My research focuses on energy transitions, innovation, energy poverty, participation, and policy.


MES 2018 | York University

Susan Morrissey Wyse

My research explores how communities participate in and benefit from local low-carbon energy initiatives, and questions whether local initiatives are living up to their claims of “community”-focused approaches.


MES 2016 | York University

Brandon Slopack

Identifying Barriers and Methods to Enabling a Transition to Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in Ontario.


MES 2015 | York University

Maral Jamali

My area of concentration was sustainability and energy efficiency.


Lab Coordinator

Social Exergy Lab Coordinator.


MES 2020 | York University

Natalia Bekirsky

Decentralization of energy systems, renewable energy, and energy justice and community involvement. 


MES 2020 | York University

Katarina Savic

Governance structures of Indigenous-owned clean energy projects in Canada.


MES 2019 | York University

John Lau

Effectiveness of the energy efficiency policies that targeted buildings in the cities of Toronto and Calgary.


MES 2018 | York University

Sohrab Pathan

My area of concentration is community energy planning, renewable energy and sustainability.


MES 2017 | York University

Cristina Guido

My research applies a social-psychology perspective to residential energy consumption, which explores factors that drive energy choices and the behavioural programs that can influence conservation practices.


MES 2016 | York University

Devon Calder

I conducted research, analysis, and synthesized findings relating to sustainable energy technologies, policies, and projects.

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