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Current Lab Members

Past Lab Members


MES 2020 | York University

Jessica Conroy

How transitioning to low-carbon and renewable energy systems will impact the landscape.


MES 2020 | York University

Natalia Bekirsky

Decentralization of energy systems, renewable energy, and energy justice and community involvement. 


MES 2020 | York University

Katarina Savic

Governance structures of Indigenous-owned clean energy projects in Canada.


MES 2019 | York University

John Lau

Effectiveness of the energy efficiency policies that targeted buildings in the cities of Toronto and Calgary.


MES 2018 | York University

Sohrab Pathan

My area of concentration is community energy planning, renewable energy and sustainability.


MES 2017 | York University

Cristina Guido

My research applies a social-psychology perspective to residential energy consumption, which explores factors that drive energy choices and the behavioural programs that can influence conservation practices.


MES 2016 | York University

Devon Calder

I conducted research, analysis, and synthesized findings relating to sustainable energy technologies, policies, and projects.


MES 2020 | York University

Yuxu Zhao

Identify the relationship between pro-environmental behaviors and system innovations in energy transitions.


MES 2020 | York University

Maria-Louise McMaster

Research area of concentration is in low-carbon energy systems.


JD/MES 2019 | York University

Alicia Campney

I am pursuing a career practicing Environmental Law and am interested in its intersection with Indigenous Law, especially in the context of Environmental Justice.


JD/MES Candidate 2018 | York University

Julianna Felendzer

My research focuses on energy transitions, innovation, energy poverty, participation, and policy.


MES 2018 | York University

Susan Morrissey Wyse

My research explores how communities participate in and benefit from local low-carbon energy initiatives, and questions whether local initiatives are living up to their claims of “community”-focused approaches.


MES 2016 | York University

Brandon Slopack

Identifying Barriers and Methods to Enabling a Transition to Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in Ontario.


MES 2015 | York University

Maral Jamali

My area of concentration was sustainability and energy efficiency.

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