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Research Projects

  • Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Urban Planning for Climate Change (2021-2026) held by Dr. Christina Hoicka. 

  • Do disruptive renewable energy innovations in local contexts accelerate a just and democratic energy Transition?  Social Science and Humanities Research Council Insight Grant led by Dr. Christina Hoicka

  • Energy Citizens for Inclusive Decarbonisation (ENCLUDE) (2021-2026) New Frontiers in Research Fund Global. Led by Dr. Christina Hoicka

  • CO2 Reduction, H2 Production, and Biomass Upgrading through one Single Electrochemical System: From Bench to Commercialization. (2023-2026) NSERC Alliance Mission grant led by Dr. Ali Seifitokaldani (McGill University).

  • Canadian Climate Policy Partnership (C2P2) (2023-2026), SSHRC Partnership Development Grant led by Dr. Jennifer Winter (University of Calgary). 

  • Inégalités, changements climatiques et transition socio-écologique : un état des recherches pour les villes et regions. SSHRC Connection Grant. Led by Dr. Sophie Van Nest (INRS). 

  • CANStore Energy: Seasonal storage of renewable energy. (2023-2030). New Frontiers in Research Fund, Transformation grant led by Dr. David Sinton, Dr. Kate Neville.

  • Capacity Development, Research and Advocacy for Indigenous and Remote Communities (2022-2023), funded by Natural Resources Canada, led by Clean Energy BC with New Relationship Trust. 

  • Strengthening Diverse Research Capacity for an Inclusive Green Recovery in Canada” SSHRC connection grant led by Dr. Julie MacArthur (Royal Roads University). 

  • Just Energy Transition in Scotland and the Arctic: Managing Environmental and Social Impacts of Low-Carbon Energy Projects (2022). Scottish Government Arctic Connections Fund grant led by Dr. Daria Shapovalova. 

  • Pathway to accelerate the diffusion of demand-side low-carbon innovations and socio-technical energy system change (2021-2022). Funded by MITACS Accelerate with partner the Transition Accelerator. Led by Dr. Christina Hoicka. 

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