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F. Ignacio Aguilar

I am a postdoctoral researcher working on a research project led by McGill University and University of Victoria. Currently, my research focuses on studying the socioecological and economic implications of, and proposing policy recommendations to, scaling-up a technology to produce hydrogen from biowastes as a renewable energy option. For this project, I am working
as part of the Electrocatalysis Lab, in the Chemical Engineering Department at McGill University, and the Social Exergy Lab, in the Department of Geography at University of Victoria.

I hold a PhD in Social and Ecological Sustainability by the University of Waterloo. My doctoral research studied the electrical energy systems of Ontario and Costa Rica as specific venues for sustainability transformations. To pursue my PhD studies, I was awarded with the National Scholarship on Energy Sustainability by the National Council of Science and Technology
(CONACYT) and the Energy Secretariat (SENER) of Mexico. I have a master’s degree in business administration (honors) and a BSc in Tourism Management, both by Universidad Autónoma de Occidente in Mazatlán, Mexico. My academic experience includes presenting my work at conferences, guest lectures, and panels in English and Spanish at multiple international venues.

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